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The video above illustrates the versatility of E-bikes 

Wondering if Biking to School or Work or is worth it? Considering an electric bike? Then you have come to the right place because we believe in "Roughing it Smoothly"

You have two basic choices. You can search for a bike built by various vendors (Purpose Built), and there are some good ones, expensive but good. Or, you can equip your own bike (DIY, do-it-yourself) with an electric motor kit. If it's a purpose built bike you prefer then look no further than our Juiced Rider, which in my opinion is the best built, most reliable, and fun bike on the market! 

That said, we do have a new electric bike we believe will stun the market place. It is our new 50 mph Electric Indian.

Yet, another cost effective choice might be an electric motor kit, which will turn your own bicycle into a thrilling alternative form of transportation. Take a look at our frames and swap out your mountain bike components.

Everyone rides for reasons of their own. Mine was to regain mobility after an auto accident. I broke my neck and back, so to get back in shape, and overcome a disability, and learn to have fun again I started riding an electric bike. We all ride for various reasons, and mine has mostly been to have fun. I suppose you can never have too much of it.



Electrified or not, cycling is a thrilling experience. When I ride these bikes I'm transported back to a time when life was simple, I was lighthearted and carefree. I suppose in many ways it's become my fountain of youth. 

Below is a fantastic and beautiful video set to some ethereal music that reminds of my days in the Sierra, and it's inclusion is simply for your enjoyment. :-) 


You have come to the right place for the very finest in e-bikes, and electric conversion kits. We offer various electric bikes from Yuba, Hi-Power Cycles, and Juiced Rider. We carry these bikes, because we consider them to be the finest examples of E-bikes and conversion kits to be found anywhere.

Personally I judge most products on their VALUE. This means that first and foremost an electric bike must function, and of course be reliable. And, finally I look for elegance. In other words does the bike or product reflect a sense of subdued opulence in excess of the money spent. Certainly there are some very nice bikes and kits on the market, I know, I look every day, but the ones here are cared for and ridden. To me that speaks volumes if I know a vendor rides his own bikes. That is value.

The biggest difference with us is that we ride what we sell, and sell what we ride. If you cannot find what your are looking for here, feel free to reach out to us with your questions. We are happy to share our industry knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choice.

 You will also find helpful information on biking, safety tips, and articles on biking trends and styles. Electric bikes are not a novel idea, but many of the components are new to the market. We constantly search for innovative products to enhance your riding experience, and add value to your purchase. We provide affordable and sustainable solutions for a friendlier form of transportation.

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