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HPC ELITE 74V 13Ah Li-NMC Ultra High Performance Battery


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HPC ELITE 74V 13Ah Li-NMC Ultra High Performance Battery

Introducing HPC ELITE Ultra High Performance Li-NMC batteries.  These phenomenal batteries are some of the most energy dense lightest weight and highest performing batteries on the market bar-none.  These ultra low impedance batteries set a new standard when it comes sheer performance without compromise.  All HPC ELITE batteries feature a Specific Energy of greater than 180 Wh/Kg  for the completed pack including BMS and wires!  A custom Battery Management System (BMS) protects each pack with overcharge undercharge reverse polarity short circuit and over discharge protection.

-74V 13Ah Li-NMC Ultra High Performance Battery System

-Unbelievably light weight! Weighs only 11.58 lbs.  Specific Energy ~ 182 Wh/Kg

-Ultra low impedance cells with minimal voltage sag for higher top speeds faster acceleration and more thrilling performance!

-Powerful Battery Management System (BMS) can deliver up to 65A continuous for incredible performance.  Optional HD pack comes with even higher performance cells and a BMS capable of 100A+ Continuous! 

-3 to 5 year life expectancy depending on how well you treat it (manufacturer rated for 1000 cycles HOWEVER we have found this number not to be realistic if you seldom ride your bike.  Lithium batteries have a shelf life and will start to degrade after 3 year regardless of use.)

-13AH will provide up to a 48-mile range 26AH can get you up to 96 miles!  (Mileage estimates with 1000W Striker High torque power system traveling on Flat ground at 20 MPH).

-Includes High Quality 3 Amp aluminum charger. 

-Fully UN 38.3 Certified! These batteries meet the most stringent safety standards and have demonstrated the utmost in reliability in some of the most punishing (and expensive) testing procedures yet devised for portable lithium batteries.  All HPC batteries are ready for export worldwide! 


74V 13AH pack: 11.58lbs (L x W x H) 7.45" x 3.7" x 2.75" each (Split pack)

13AH- $1599

FULL 1 Year Limited Warranty on all Li-NMC packs!


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