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Custom E-Bike Mountain Bike Frame

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This dedicated full suspension, E-bike frame, makes a great basis for a high power E-bike conversion.

There is a very large battery enclosure, full suspension, with strong and wide rear dropout (~155mm) with integrated torque arms. The frame is not super light, at ~10kg, but it is strong and built to accept high power E-bike parts and be stable at high speeds.

We will be offering packages and custom built batteries for this frame in the near future. I can honestly say, that i am very excited about this frame, it is a pleasure to ride.

Once you have a few KW of power driving that rear wheel, it is so fun and it really feels rock solid and soaks up those high speed bumps. One clear advantage is that the compartment is large enough to carry water, tools, spare tires, a pump, food, and clothes. All essential items that do not have to be carried in a backpack.

My friends that I take "single track" riding on the weekend typically carry upwards of 40 Lbs. in their packs. Heck, I don't even go backpacking with that much stuff.

In my opinion this is one of the best value propositions when it comes to electric bikes that I have found, and I can say that because I also ride this bike myself!

Product Description

The EEB frame was planned from the outset to be a High-Power E-bike frame. It combines a strong structure, with high strength pinching dropouts for high power hub motors. It offers the comfort and stability of long travel full suspension and a large enclosure to house a very large battery. Whilst the frame could be used as pedal assist type e-bike, it was primarily intended to be strong enough and have the stability to deal with the speed and abuse that a multi-KW hub-motor system requires.

The Frame's design goals are:

- Durability;

- Versatility in the selection of bicycle components;

- Maximum space for the accommodation of batteries;

- Safety and it looks cool.

What's Included?

One frame set includes: main frame structure (including plastic covers, fittings etc), swing arm with integrated pinching torque arms, headset, 100mm bottom bracket, seat post platform, plus all bolts washers and accessories to assemble these parts together.

What's NOT Included?

The frame set does not include: Seat post, seat, bars, suspension components, crank, chain wheel, gear set, wheels, motor or any electrical parts.

Key Points:

Weight - 10kg with all bolts and plastic (shipping weight 12.7kg, equivalent volume weight is ~20kg).

Materials - 2mm Q235A steel tubes, 4mm ABS+PMMA plastic, high strength steel bolts and aluminum anodized bolts for side covers.

Color options - Black frame with Red Anodized Bolts, or White Frame with Black Bolts.

Battery Compartment - 140mm internal width, 148mm external width. Detailed internal dimensions can be seen in additional images. Max recommended battery weight is 17kg.

Rear Shock - Compatible with rear shocks with length of 190-240mm (axle to axle), but recommended length is 220mm. Recommended coil spring, 650-750lbs (for riders 90kg, 200lb plus, consider the 750lb spring). 240mm shock length is best only used for smaller wheels (such as 17-18 inch motto). Shock mount width is 24mm.

Front fork - A strong Mountain Bike Fork with 130-200mm travel is recommended. Compatible with tapered and non-tapered steering tube. Head tube length 130mm.

Rear Brake - Standard bicycle IS mount. Can be used with 160-225mm brake disc.

Derailleur - Standard M10x1 threaded hole for installation of a standard derailleur.

Seat - Seat Post diameter TBC.

Headset - Headset is included. High Quality semi-integrated, sealed bearing, original Taiwan VP Components J305AC(S) headset, compatible with standard bicycle 1,1/8 and also tapered forks (two different bottom rings included).

Bottom Bracket - Square Taper 100/145mm BC-63 VP Components BB included (standard bicycle 34mm thread, 100mm width, as used on Fat Bikes).

Dropout - 156mm Dropout width. Can be used with motors from 135mm, up to 155mm axle width. Spacers can be added to 135mm motors to fill the dropout.

Wheels - Intended for 26", but can also be used with smaller bicycle wheels, or even 17-19 inch motorcycle wheels. Up to 2.7" wide tires.


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