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$799 Fat Tire | E-Bike

Best Value for a Fat Tire E-bike!

Yes, you read this right, we sell this bike for $799, including drop ship delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.

I would have to say this is perhaps the best value proposition I have seen to date. Not only that, but we can supply an additional battery for only $190. Yes, it is a steel frame bike, but it's also indestructable. In fact, I still have an old Shwinn bicycle that is older than I am, and it's in perfect condition. Bicycles are NOT throw away items.

Before I go to much further in this thread it would be best if I reminded the reader that the fat tire bike is meant for off-road use. On the street the bike is an absolute slug.

Case in point, I was riding today and saw a very expensive, full suspension electric fat tire bike hobby horsing down the street. Yes, this fellow was running his tires at 20 psi, and had failed to lock out the suspension, something I noticed as I flew by in my dork mobile.

Now that that's out of the way, our fat tire bike sports a 350w motor, but remember, most cyclists are only capable of sustaining about 120-160 continuous watts, so basically this motor is tripling the output of the average cyclist. Not even Greg Lemond can maintain those levels of output for more than 30 minutes.

350 watt vs. 750 watt and above

So, while some may consider the 350 watt motor too weak or puny, I would argue it is far from that. In fact the only thing that holds this bike back from hitting 30mph + are the tires, the rear cassette and the chain ring. By changing out those three items I can go farther and faster than the Rad Rover, which by the way is not a bad bike for the price, but then ours is HALF the price.

Fat Tires?

Unless you are a serious "single track" rider the front shock and the fat tire do nothing but slow you down on hard surfaces, which is where 95% of these bikes will be ridden. And, anyone who is serious about riding all mountain or downhill will be looking for a full-suspension bike.

The major reason manufacturers are pushing the fat tire bike is because it comes with the proviso that it can now go 32mph off-road, but who are they kidding? There are surprisingly few opportunity to let the ponies loose on the trail and go that fast, and if we do we do, it's gravity that's at work, not the motor. 

OK, so now you have this real cool fat tire bike, and they are kinda cool, but if you ride on the street you are going to burn through the battery with those big fat 4" tires, which are as soft as a big ripe banana. And, don't get me wrong, they are great if you have a bad back, or ride off-road 80% of the time. However, if you plan to bomb around town then the front shock and fat tires make for a spongy ride and all of that beautiful electric power at your disposal will be dissapated in hobby-horsing, because of your low-end shocks, and the fat tires which have a huge footprint. 

Why do you imagine roadies pump up their tires 100 psi more than a fat tire, and why do they wear tight fitting clothes, and ride a stiff frame, and gear their bikes for speed? That is rehtorical, because if you had to pedal your bike without the aid of an electric motor you would know .

Buy from us and we will offer you an additional battery at cost ($190), plus shipping and handling.

Right now the quality and pricing on these bikes cannot be beat! Place your order and have your bike delivered right to your front door.

Oh, the bike frame has a 5-year warranty, the battery has a 2-year warranty and the rest of the components a 1 year warranty.

 We do have women's pass through bikes and even a small folding bike too. Call for details.

Mountain fat tire e-bike as seen from the right side

This idea that more is somehow better is nonsense, and a uniquely male trait. More, never seems to be good enough? I will, however, add this caveate; in certain applications more power is essential.

Even I was initially distracted by this young woman's strikingly fit body, but this is a well defined video, perhaps one of the best I've seen. It is thoughtful, precise, short, sweet, and to the point. And, if that is not enough, remember you are only paying $800 for an electric bike. 



Steel Frame

350W Brushless DC Motor

36V 10Ah Li-battery

Max Speed 19-22 MPH

Charging time 4-6 hours

Shimano 6 speed derailleur

20-25 miles with pedal assist

Front and rear disk brakes

Maxis 4" tires

70 lbs with battery

The warranty is 5 years on motor, 2 years on battery, and 1 years on the other parts.


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