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Congratulations! This is Cargo Bike King's online store!

Cargo Bike King is an innovative and nimble business located in Palm Springs, California. We are designed to profit while avoiding many of the pitfalls of larger brick-and-mortar stores, because while profit is good; greed is not. You have come to the right place for the very finest in electric conversion kits for cargo, mountain and folding bikes. We also sell bikes from Yuba, Hi-Power Cycles, and Juiced Rider. You will find the very best in military grade head lights from Ferei, as well as do-it-yourself electric motor conversion kits from Bafang, Crystalyte, Asto and BMC. Additionally, we offer accessories that make your cargo bikes not only affordable, but efficient and practical. 


Once you purchase an electric bike from Cargo Bike King it's for life, because frankly, bikes are not a throw away item to be discarded after the first flat tire. To this end you will be invited to take advantage of our purchasing power. This includes motors, batteries and accessories that may wear out over time. In this manner your bike will be seen as a friendly companion as you travel along the road of life. 


You will find only the most up to date information on biking laws, safety, motors, batteries and life style trends, which we provide as a service to our community and the world at large.

Electric motor kits can turn any ordinary bicycle into a "green" alternative form of transportation that will save you money, and in some instances time. Cycling, regardless of whether it is electrified or not is a thrilling experience that will transport you back to a moment in time when you were young at heart, carefree and and full of joy, and for many an electric bicycle becomes their  fountain of youth.


You will find this site fun, informative and even humorous, but most of all we wish to extend our hand in friendship as you search for a practical and affordable bike, which is precisely why Cargo Bike King was established. Businesses profit by serving the world unselfishly, and you are invited to check the quality, and incredible industry offerings, because we don't just sell electric bikes, we ride them, and you are buying into the future!


Cheers, CBK 

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