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I've ridden quite a few electric bikes, installed or repaired just about every electric motor and way too many controllers and batteries. I've learned that people need choices when it comes to any product. What you see on these pages are bikes and motor kits that in my opinion offer the best value. Value means that batteries, motor kits, and bikes are serviced locally, and have the lowest failure rate. Certainly, there are others suppliers, just not as many locally that I trust to honor their warranty.

We sell high-end kits, like the one you see on the electric freight bike; The Super Mundo. It is an insanely powerful set up if you are looking for a car replacement. However, there are other electric freight bikes available today that meet or exceed the value proposition of simply buying a bike and then installing your own electric motor kit. 

Depending on why you want an electric bicycle, take a visit to Kelly Blue Book to see just how much it costs you to own a car these days.

How to Chose an Electric Bike

This content is provided to help you make an informed choice when purchasing an E-Bike. There is a huge variation in quality and performance of E-Bikes in the market. Armed with the following information you will more easily determine which electric bike is best for you.


  1. Terrain – will affect the size of the battery and motor, and, if you are big like me, 230lbs, you will need a bigger electric bike motor and battery, even if your terrain isn’t hilly.
  2. Weight- plays a big role, as does your size or profile because your body creates form drag, and induced drag, which is why racers wear skin tight outfits, and assume an aerodynamic posture.
  3. Distance - will affect the size of the battery you need, so figure on using 18-23 Watt Hours per mile, 2 miles per amp hour.
  4. Speed – Just like in a car, if you want to go fast you need power; a bigger battery, and a more powerful motor.
  5. Budget and quality – How often will you ride? Just getting started, or riding 150 miles a week? Entry level E-bikes are a great value, but if you ride a lot, they will wear out quickly.


How to Compare Batteries

The battery in an E-bike is the same as the gas tank in your car.


  • The battery energy is measured in Watt Hours.
  • The voltage or Volts are identified with a V, as in 36V or 48V
  • Amp Hours are identified with an Ah, as in 10Ah or 15Ah.  
  • Watt Hours are identified with a Wh.
  • The formula for Watt Hours is Volts x Amp Hours = Watt Hours.

So, the true measure of a batteries energy capacity for a 36V 10Ah battery would be 360 Watt Hours. That same battery at 48V 10Ah would net 480Wh or 120 more Watt Hours than the 36V battery. So the Amp-Hour rating of the battery is NOT the actual Watt Hours.

*Also, on level ground you can estimate 18 Watt Hours per Mile, or up to 23 or more when climbing.


How to Compare Motors and Power

There are many types and sizes of electric bike motors. The Federal limit is 750 watts, however, in California, we now distinguish 3 classes of E-bikes, Class I, II, and III.  With E-bikes, motors are rated in watts, rather than horsepower like car motors. 746 watts = 1Hp

Torque helps you accelerate. (Newton Meters)

Power will determine how fast you can go and how well you can climb (Watts)



  • Power in an E-bike motor is measured in However, to truly know how powerful the bike is you also need to know the Maximum Amps of the controller. The formula to know how powerful your system multiply the Volts times the Amperage setting of the controller. V x A = W. If for instance you have a 48-volt motor and a 25-amp controller the maximum wattage, or power of that system would be 48 x 25 or 1,200 watts. Hotrodders’ will often beef up the wiring, and run a 40-amp controller or even 60, which would potentially give you 2,880 watts; twice the power of the smaller controller. Of course, you run the risk of overheating with that much power, but prudence may overcome the risks of running a bike at those power settings. If you keep it safe, don’t kid yourself, fast is fun.
  • Torque is the ability to turn the pedals and accelerate from a stop or to pass someone.
  • Power is torque x rpm, which equals your ability to ride up hills.
  • Hub Motors drive the wheel directly and are usually mounted on the back wheel.
  • Mid Drive Motors go through the gear system and are located at the crank between the pedals. Because the mid drive goes through the gear system it changes the torque so you can accelerate up hills and navigate variable terrain, and are at better at climbing hills. That said, the gearing of the bike is also critical.
  • HUB Motors are slightly more restrictive and inefficient on hills or variable terrain, they overheat and lose power, however so can a powerful mid-drive. They are better for rolling hills and flat consistent terrain. Here again, I have ridden up some mighty steep stuff with a hub motor, and the new torque sensors make it even more efficient. One final thought is that the hub motor is far less expensive. Get the Free Electric Bike Book


How to Determine the True Range

The EPA lists the MPG for cars, but there is no such standard for the E-bike industry. Remember; Every manufacturer can list the range of their bikes without ever having road tested them for accuracy.

If a manufacturer boasts a range without qualifying their claim…RUN. No credible manufacturer would ever make such an unfounded statement, at least not without making note of how they quantified that claim.

Range in a car varies greatly the fast you drive, and it is no different with an electric bicycle is ridden at high speed.

It is vital to remember that it takes twice as much battery size to travel at 21 MPH as it does at 15MPH.

To determine the range that is declared for any E-bike model, include the following factors:

  • Battery size in Watt-hours determines the amount of energy available (Volts x Amp Hours = Watt-hours).
  • Speed – You need to know how fast you want to travel because from 10 to 20 miles per hour you will use as much as 4x’s the amount of energy!
  • Terrain- Hills burn up watts!
  • Weight – size affects range!
  • Motor type – Hub, or mid-drive.

It’s important to think about these factors before you buy so you won’t be misled.


Make Sure the Bike Fits

In a racing bicycle, the factors for fitting are far different than an electric bike. A racing bicycle is lighter and designed for human power alone, as well as a streamlined body position for maximum efficiency.

Because an E-bike sports a motor body position and weight are not as important as they are on a racing bicycle. this is not as critical because the choice is for comfort instead. Consider these 3 items;

  1. Is the bike easy to get on and off?
  2. Is the handlebar position forward or upright?
  3. Can the seat be lowered for less strain on your knees and hips?


Differences between Men and Women

Not everyone needs the same amount of power. For example; A 250 lb. person needs twice the power to go up a hill at the same speed as a 120-lb. person. Someone with a delicate or bad knee, or difficult hip, needs more power than someone who is fit.

The ‘key’ is to see who you really are because one size doesn’t fit all – and then to find an E-bike that matches to your needs for all factors involved.

Curated from Jim Turner of Optibike


California Electric Bike Classes

Juiced Rider

I just got back from Juiced Rider here in San Diego, and based on the performance of their new bikes I decided to purchase a Hyper Fat bike for myself. With their new cadence and torque sensor, the bike responds in such a flawless manner you really don't have the perception that you are even riding an electric bicycle. Now, I love their freight bike, the original Juiced Rider, but the quality of their new bike lines has gone up, while their pricing continues to drop.

Their new fat tire electric bike is a real game changer for those who like to live in the fast lane. With a top speed of over 30mph, a torque sensor and a massive 22Ah Panasonic battery, all you need is an adventurous spirit. 

The newest bike is our 50mph Indian Canyon Flyer, which is everything we expected and more.

Do your homework, understand your needs, and if you have any questions please feel free to check in with us at CargoBikeKing@gmail.com

Cheers, Good Luck, and Good Riding


The video above illustrates the versatility of E-bikes 

Wondering if Biking to School or Work or is worth it? Considering an electric bike? Then you have come to the right place because we believe in "Roughing it Smoothly"

You have two basic choices. You can search for a bike built by various vendors (Purpose Built), and there are some good ones, expensive but good. Or, you can equip your own bike (DIY, do-it-yourself) with an electric motor kit. If it's a purpose built bike you prefer then look no further than our Juiced Rider, which in my opinion is the best built, most reliable, and fun bike on the market! 

That said, we do have a new electric bike we believe will stun the market place. It is our new 50 mph Electric Indian.

Yet, another cost effective choice might be an electric motor kit, which will turn your own bicycle into a thrilling alternative form of transportation. Take a look at our frames and swap out your mountain bike components.

Everyone rides for reasons of their own. Mine was to regain mobility after an auto accident. I broke my neck and back, so to get back in shape, and overcome a disability, and learn to have fun again I started riding an electric bike. We all ride for various reasons, and mine has mostly been to have fun. I suppose you can never have too much of it.

What is an E Bike

Electric Bike Use


Electrified or not, cycling is a thrilling experience. When I ride these bikes I'm transported back to a time when life was simple, I was lighthearted and carefree. I suppose in many ways it's become my fountain of youth. 

Below is a fantastic and beautiful video set to some ethereal music show casing the Sierra Nevada area. It's inclusion is simply for your enjoyment. :-) 


You have come to the right place for the very finest in E-bikes, and electric conversion kits. We offer various electric bikes from Yuba, Hi-Power Cycles, and Juiced Rider. We carry these bikes because we consider them to be the finest examples of E-bikes and conversion kits to be found anywhere.

Personally, I judge most products on their value.This means that first and foremost an electric bike must function, and of course be reliable. And, finally, I look for elegance. In other words, does the bike or product reflect a sense of subdued opulenc. Certainly, there are some very nice bikes and kits on the market, I know, I look every day, but the ones here are cared for and ridden. To me that speaks volumes if I know a vendor rides his own bikes. That is value.

The biggest difference with us is that we ride what we sell, and sell what we ride. If you cannot find what your are looking for here, feel free to reach out with your questions. We are happy to share our industry knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choice.

 You will also find helpful information on biking, safety tips, and articles on biking trends and styles. Electric bikes are not a novel idea, but many of the components are new to the market. We constantly search for innovative products to enhance your riding experience, and add value to your purchase. We provide affordable and sustainable solutions for a friendlier form of transportation.

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