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About Us

Cargo Bike King

Electric bikes are not a novel idea, but our approach and philosophy are. Many components are new to the market, which requires constant search for innovative products and materials that will enhance the riding experience, and adds value to your purchase.

At Cargo Bike King, we offer only what we ourselves ride. We respect our environment, and your budget. We do this by sourcing the most innovative e-bike parts, and by breaking from the bicycle industries retail tradition, which is an expensive business proposition, and costly for you the consumer. So, whether you want to navigate gnarly mountain trails, zip around town with the kids or ride to work in style--we have the e-bike for you.


Our vision is to enable everyone to enjoy moving around through this world in environmentally responsible ways. We'll do this by freely sharing our vast industry knowledge. We offer our visitors the opportunity to enjoy our energy-efficient and environmentally low-impact solutions for mobility. 

Organization Mission

We are in business to provide you with the most innovative electric E-Bikes and motor kits. We constantly strive to find ways to "do what the others don't", by ordering our motors and batteries with upgraded wiring and electronics. It costs a bit more, but the added value and reliability is well worth it. We want to make the world aware of the incredible health, economic, social and environmental advantages possible by riding an electric bike. Our core marketing objective is to maintain the philosophy that profit is good, but greed is not; rewards are good, but avarice is not; our environment is important, but exploitation is not.

Certainly price, value and product are important, but the perception must be that from the bottom to the top; through every dimension of this organization we will always strive to make the right decisions about humanity, care, compassion and what is good and fair. This above all guides our company’s decisions on each and every aspect related to the promotion of our products and services.


Operational excellence is not only desirable, but constantly sought after in any responsible organization, and our aim is that the implicit benefit must go to "you," the customer.

 Customer Connectedness

Our mission statement is centered on the customer – delivery, personalization, dependability, cost-effectiveness, purpose, needs and requirements, service, support, in order to meet or exceed customer expectations, which naturally means our organization is inherently customer-centered.

 Product Knowledge

With the above in mind, the customer expects nothing less than expert knowledge with any technology-based product. Therefore product value is essential for this organization. Assembling electric bikes, servicing electric bikes, and selecting electric bikes for retail sales requires up-to-the-minute knowledge of technologies that contribute to the customer-centered product.


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