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Custom Electric Street Racer

Custom Electric Street Racer

Update: 11-22-2017,  We finished revising the frame, lengthening the rear triangle for added stability at high speeds, and added a cam case cover for the motor housing. We have also added ribbed/ducktail fenders and an Indian style kickstand. Order salami or pepperoni cuts on the tail pipes to add that personal touch.


 Functional and Stylistic Additions

  • Leather saddle bags to match the leather seat
  • Stylish headlight
  • Rear fender
  • Polished exhaust pipes
  • Faux carburetor
  • Footpegs
  • Polished motor housing, and anodized cylinder head fins




18 x genuine IRFB 4110 MOSFET N-CH 100V

The controller is a wolf in sheep's skin because it is under tuned to strike a balance between power and range. There are lots of potential features you can unveil and twist as you go. You can program functions such as enable power regeneration, regenerate braking, pulse width modulation, low voltage cut-off, interface with a Cycle Analyst, and others. You may also add an USB to TTL serial adapter and connect to the controller for tuning. (However, electronics knowledge is required to unleash the potential).

One unique feature of this controller is that it has an additional speed sensor circuitry built-in with an extra blue wire for output.. The speed sensor wire has been embedded and integrated with the green wire on the CA connector since they both can share the same function now.

Lastly, there is no compromise for safety. The controller is equipped with silicon and high temperature wires for flexibility and heat resistance up to 200 degree Celsius or 392 degree Fahrenheit. The phase wires to the motor are also high temperature equipped. I have also added the high power connectors so you do not have to.

Model: EC-184110-LYEN EDITION
Start immediate controller
Chipset: XCKJ8B116A
Circuit board version: EB218-A-3
18 x genuine IRFB 4110 MOSFET N-CH 100V (tested up to 110V before damage) for more information about the FET, click the link below:
72V battery optimized (for higher or lower voltage & current such as 36V-100V, you may need to change the resistor network to avoid damage to the voltage regulator)
65A is the current rate (for higher current, you may need to beef up the trace, shunt, and reprogram it via the software)
Low voltage cut-off: 62.6v
Battery and motor phase wires gauge size: 12AWG
Dimension: 9" x 3.4" x 1.75"( 229mm x 87mm x 45mm) plus mount extensions
Total weight: 805 gram

We can also provide the following add-on(s) in addition to the original:
1. Cycle Analyst connector plug
2. Regenerative braking can now be enable/disable by connecting/dis-connecting a wire with male/female plugs
3. External connector to the USB-TTL adapter
4. USB-TTL programming adapter for this edition. The USB-TTL adapter features a connector that can separate between the USB-TTL module and the controller. The USB-TTL adapter comes with a programming activate switch.


  • Based on the vintage Harley Davidson springer fork design.
  • Internal compression and rebound springs.
  • 1″ .090 wall DOM steel tube construction on both front and rear fork blades.
  • 4 ½” I.D. spacing for motorcycle tires.
  • Designed by Worksman with upgraded axle and spacer kit.

This is our latest design springer fork using what we have learned from previous models. The front fork carries internal compression and rebound springs, making the ride height and spring rate easily adjustable. The front fork also carries bronze pistons tying the front and rear forks together with very close tolerance reducing free play. The result is a smooth and tight assembly. The friction shock completes the package. These forks offer the very best performance in a true vintage design.


  • Designed for Worksman Newsboy standard frames.
  • CAD designed, and laser cut.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • TIG welded in a jig.
  • Approx. 1.67 gallon capacity.
  • Brass cap optional.

Vintage design in-frame gas tank manufactured in stainless steel. These tanks come with a brushed stainless finish. Ready for paint or can be left in the raw stainless finish. This is the gas tank used on the largest Worksman INB frames.


  • Manufactured by Sportsman Flyer.
  • CAD designed and CNC machined in the USA.
  • Fits standard cruiser 2″ bottom bracket shell.
  • Extra wide 10 3/4″ offset between pedal crank arms.
  • Sealed bearing bottom bracket.
  • Reduction hub assembly.

This is the famous Sportsman Flyer Reduction Hub Assembly as used on the Bonneville. Tested and proven on the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats to well over 80 mph. This system is based on vintage board track racers. If you want authenticity, durability, and absolutely the coolest and most accurate drive system available – look no further. Comes with adjustable offset pedal side sprocket and both primary and secondary drives. Due to various drive system primary and secondary offsets, this system is currently available only with purchase of a complete Electric Flyer


  • Based on original samples.
  • Modern laser cut stainless steel pan.
  • Covered top and bottom with high quality USA leather.
  • H and F Mesinger logo embossed into side flaps.

This is a reproduction of the classic H and F Mesinger Racer board track racing seat. If we are building a high-end board track racer it simply isn’t complete without a proper “boardie” saddle. This seat is 100% made in the USA using a modern laser cut and CNC formed stainless steel sub frame and then hand covered in beautiful genuine USA leather by master craftsman Greg Hunt.  “H and F Mesinger” is not to be confused with bicycle seats manufactured later under the Mesinger name.

Harley Davidson Front Fork

With these new ribbed/duck-tailed fenders we can add an elegant and functional touch of original leather Harley Davidson saddle bags.


MOTOR: Three Phase 5,000-watt motor with Hall sensors

RIMS: 26 X 1.34” Worksman

TIRES: 2.5 x 26”

SPOKES: 11 Gauge Stainless Double butted

BRAKES: Disk brakes, cable, 203mm rotors in front, and 180 mm rotors in rear

FRAME: 1” brazed steel tubing

BATTERY: 30Ah 52V Samsung 18650 cells w/60A BMS Also, there is an option for 64V and 72V

THROTTLE: Magura Half Twist


The bike is shipped just like a motorcycle, fully assembled. It is boxed and crated. We have shipped to Russia and Australia. In these instances, the buyer would ship the crated bike to the nearest coast, typically the West Coast, and then arrange with a shipping service to have the bike sent in a container to the country of destination.

Continental U.S. $200 West Coast-$400 Mid-West-$600 East Coast (Approx.)


$800 Down payment with the Balance due at time of shipping


  • Cam Case Cover (N/C)
  • 64V or 72V Battery
  • Cruise Control add $55
  • Regen add $25
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Ducktail-Ribbed Steel Fenders add $600
  • Motorcycle Rims
  • Tank and Frame colors (N/C)
  • Saddle Colors Black, Beige, Brown


Big red electric Indian

This custom electric bike sports pedals to qualify as a Class II, or a Class III electric bicycle. In reality it's a motorcycle posing as an electric bike, because it is capable of going 50 mph and over 40 miles on a charge!


 Indian Canyon Flyer

The faux cylinders each hold up to 10ah at 52v, and the newly widened tank will hold another 30ah. The fins of the cylinder heads can be anodized black, like the original Indian two stroke engine.

The aluminum motor casing can be polished as well as sport an embossed cowling that will cover the chain going to the reduction gear (extra). The 5,000W motor is capable of putting out  nearly 9,000 watts of peak power; making this a truly awesome machine!

These bikes will offer customization at all levels of power, which will also include headlights, fenders, racks, pegs, kickstands, saddlebags, and saddles. Take a closer look at some of these classic bikes and imagine your own custom Electric Indian Chief.

The following images of Indian Motorcycles are included here to spark you imagination of how you might customize your own Indian Canyon Flyer


The Electric Indian by Sportsman

Vintage Motor Bikes

Rear Saddle of the Sportsman Electric Flyer


These bikes will offer customization at all levels of power, which will also include headlights, fenders, racks, pegs, kickstands, saddlebags, and saddles. Take a closer look at some of these classic bikes and imagine your own custom Electric Indian Chief.


Left side Sportsman Flyer



Custom Green Electric Indian seen from left rear
Custom | Indian Canyon Flyer | Electric Street Racer $ 6,497.00
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The Chopper Electric Street Bike 3 seen from front right
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Electric Golden Rod Street Bike 1, seen full on from the right
Custom Gold | Electric Street Bike $ 0.00
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$1099 Electric Street Bike
$1099 Electric Street Bike $ 1,099.00
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