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Street Rod E-Bike

Golden Rod E-Bike

Front of Golden Rod Electric Bike

This line of bikes has married the best of Marty Schlesinger's Voltage Cycle and the Sportsman Flyer, which hearken back to the "Golden Age" of cycling. Here is a BMC motor laced into a 88mm, black powder coated rim, with slick white wall tires.

Mesinger Racing Saddle

We have taken a page out of the old 20's Board Track racers by utilizing the famous Mesinger's racing leather saddle, an Indian style front headlight, and antique Harley Davidson's leather saddle bags to create a more elegant and functional electric bike. None however can deny the elegance of Voltage Cycles incredible vision. 

Electric Drives

We have two options available in power trains. First the well known BMC geared motor, which we believe is the most efficient and unobtrusive option. The second is of course the Crystalyte direct drive hub motor; silent, reliable and incredibly powerful.

Street Rod E-Bike

Side Rear View of Street Rod E-Bike


We feel that a bike without the capability of carrying a minimal amount of cargo is simply a recreational vehicle. Certainly one could wear a backpack to retain the bikes lines, but we feel a full fender and classic leather saddle bags do the job far more efficiently and add a sense of style not seen in electric bikes. 

Each of these bikes sport the same basic frame. The difference is in the customer's choice of options; handlebars, rims, tires, pedals, fenders, saddle, front fork, color, battery, and power trains.

Side View Golden Rod Electric Bike

Street Rod E-Bike

The only limit is your imagination. Call for Details.


2017 Classic Street Cruiser
Classic Street Cruiser $ 3,897.00
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Custom Electric | Indian Canyon Flyer | Street Racer
Custom Electric | Indian Canyon Flyer | Street Racer $ 6,497.00
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Dark Rod Street Rider
Dark Street Rider Rider $ 3,897.00
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Golden Street Rod
Golden Street Rod $ 3,897.00
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Green Street Machine
Green Street Machine $ 3,500.00
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Street Chopper
Street Chopper $ 3,897.00
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