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E-Bike Motors

 Highly reliable and functional E-bike Motor Kits

Each conversion kit has the ability to transform your ordinary bicycle into a, thrilling and environmentally friendly alternative form of transportation.

Our electric motor kits are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries that can propel your electric motorized bicycles at well over 73 km/h, or or 45 mph. Between us, we ride hundreds of miles each day. This translates into product knowledge, which we use to provide the best integrated electronic motor kits in the world.

In early 2014 we tested the 8fun mid-drive system and saw great potential. We further refined the motor until it is now one of the best E-bike solutions to be found anywhere. Our custom kits from Bafang offer 25% more torque, run cooler and far more reliable than the standard model. We custom program the motors for smoother starts and higher output.

BMC Motors 

We consider BMC to be the best geared hub motor available.

Our Thunderbolt kit price of $1,764.00 includes CA-DP V2.3, 12.5 Ah 37V battery, 4 amp charger, BMC motor laced with 13 gauge spokes in a 20" (non-disk) silver wheel, throttle, BMC controller, and case hardened steel torque arm.  

I suppose one big advantage we have is that the owner of BMC lives just down the street, and any repairs, which are infrequent, are performed right here in Chatsworth, California. The BMC motor is one the sturdiest and most powerful-geared hub motors on the market, and an elegant solution for converting your bike.

Personally, I love this motor for its size, weight and hill climbing ability. You know a front hub option is also available; the advantage being less wear and tear on the gears and chain. It also allows you to use an internally geared hub, which I find to be an elegant solution.

It is the ideal combination of torque and speed. This lightweight, high-performance motor is one of the best and most refined E-bike conversion solutions available today. Paired with the right components it can turn virtually any bike into a high-end E-bike.

The latest release - the V4, is an improved version of the popular V2 model. It has amazing hill climbing power and is capable of impressive top speeds considering its external diameter of less than 8 inches (170mm) and weighs only 10 pounds (4.5kg).

The internal 5:1 planetary gearbox allows the motor to spin faster than the wheel, significantly increasing efficiency and torque compared with gearless (direct drive) hub motors.

BMC motor composite gears are far superior to nylon gears commonly used on lower power geared hub motors, and are capable of handling power exceeding 1000 Watts. They can be expected to last at least 5-10 thousand miles without any maintenance.

Top speed in 26" wheel: 
29-30mph @ 52V 25A

If you like pedaling with the motor off, BMC is the right choice for you. A built-in clutch/freewheel disengages the motor from the wheel when it's not powered, which eliminates motor drag.

Axle seals protect the motor from dust and moisture.

This motor accepts standard 6 hole disc brake rotor, and a standard freewheel cog set, 7 or less speed freewheels recommended, 8, 9, and 10 speed freewheels will work with a spacer washer which is included.

Crystalyte Motors

The H35 torque motor is known for its solid toughness, the Crystalyte H-Series motors exemplify all the great things direct drive hubs are known for their speed, power, strength, reliability and their great performance to weight ratio.

Rugged and powerful, these motors are a great fit for demanding conditions like extreme temperatures and rough terrain which makes them a popular choice for heavy duty off-road applications like the Stealth Bomber, and Hi-Power’s Revolution.

This robust motor sustains up to 2700 Watts continuously. The H35 Torque model was designed for fastest acceleration, maximum torque, and best hill climbing ability.

Top speed in 26" wheel: 
25-27mph @ 50V 30-40A 
34-37mph @ 72V 30-37A 
over 40mph @ 100V

This motor is capable of regenerative braking. 
This sturdy motor is also known for being very quiet.

  • Built-in 2K thermal sensor.
  • Honeywell S411 hall sensors.
  • Japanese NSK bearings.
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 16.25 lbs.
  • Standard 6 bolt disk brake mount

The axle is machined for 135mm dropouts, but will work with 175mm dropouts. 
The motor is disc brake compatible and accepts a 7speed freewheel with standard 135mm dropouts. A freewheel with a higher sprocket count can be installed with a spacer washer. 

These electric motor-powered kits perform beautifully on long-tail cargo bikes and drop loop frames that require high power applications. 

For those want the absolute pinnacle of power and speed we offer the Astro Series of motors that boast an astounding 9,000 Watts of Peak Power! It is also being fitted to the Board Track Racer!





BMC Hub Motor
BMC | The Best Geared Hub Motor $ 990.00
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Thunderbolt Electric Bike Conversion E Bike Kit
Thunderbolt Cruiser Motor Kit $ 1,399.00
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Mid-Drive Mounting Bracket for Electric Hub Motor
Yuba Mid-Drive $ 4,397.00
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