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Electric Bicycle Headlights

If you are looking for one of the brightest electric bicycle LED lights for your electric bike, then look no further than these high performance lights from Ferei. These military grade Ferei lights utilize high power LEDs that help you see the road or trail, and more importantly they help visually identify you to other drivers.

While in flashing mode drivers can easily see bike riders and help alert car drivers to your location! Although not inexpensive, their extensive feature list reflects the true quality of Ferei lights.

Twice I have had patrol officers caution me to turn down the lights, they were that BRIGHT!

SAFETY, is of course the primary reason for using lights, both front and back.


Black Ferei BL200 High Intensity LED Headlight by Cree
Ferei BL200 Bicycle Headlight $ 234.00
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Blue Ferei BL200L High Intensity LED Head Light by Cree
Ferei BL200L Bicycle Headlight $ 312.52
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Gold Ferei BL800 High Intensity LED Head Light by Cree
Ferei BL800 Bicycle Headlight $ 137.80
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Red Ferei BL800F High Intensity LED Head Light by Cree
Ferei BL800F Bicycle Headlight $ 204.52
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