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Why I Ride an Electric Bike

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Kurt Pearson | 0 Comments

By Bobby G.


You asked me to share with you my reasoning for buying an electric bicycle and I promised to do so. But first I needed for you to understand I have been seriously looking at them for about 5 yrs., fascinated about the new bicycles and how quickly the trend is growing in this country highlighting their simplicity and value.  This makes them truly beautiful through my lens.

My history; I am the only one in my family born in the U.S. and since my parents were both Dutch, bicycles are a part of our DNA. Bikes are not a luxury, but a necessity there.  In Holland there are 16 Million people and literally 99% of them have one, no matter the age….I believe the highest average in the world. Going hand in hand with bicycles and being Dutch, is the need to be a minimalist.  Growing up, I did not have a car till I went to college, but riding a used ‘48 Schwinn Typhoon my daughter happens to still ride with our grandsons. When visiting her in San Antonio, I still climb on just to feel how great it is to spend time with an old friend that just happens to have two wheels.

My next to last bike and still in my shop, is a Trek 728—Trek’s last frame made in the US. (Also the yr. our son was born). I happened to make my century ride on my 728 a couple of years ago for my birthday with my son’s help. He continues to ride and enjoy bikes even more than I do...like I said, DNA.

Last year I began in earnest shopping for a brand and dealer for two electric bikes…one for my wife and myself. We bought these for our 40th anniversary so we could ride together around our home on Lake Cherokee in East Texas. The technology had really come along not only on the motors, but the batteries. My wife was having issues being able to ride her normal bike due to chronic back pain, but still so wanted to ride. This gave me the final push to buy a Pedego Comfort Cruiser for her, which she absolutely loves.  I rode her Pedego and decided what I liked and still needed--then landed with your Yuba Mundo and have never looked back. I have always loved Jeeps and pickup trucks; the Mundo is basically a two-wheeled version of this. It covers all the bases---heavy duty; carries 400lbs, and I sit comfortably upright with my two grandsons and Peaches my dog in the front basket, which by the way, was a deal maker.  It is by far the best basket in the business.  All this, and I can even tow my grandson’s 20” bike when he gets too tired to ride!

This is a winning combination and can only get better as Americans learn about electric bicycles, their affordability and absolute simplicity. It all became so surreal when I took out the Yuba for the first time: little noise; a gracious dose of speed, power and most of all---freedom.    It brings back how much fun a bicycle can be…. hopping on, and then we are ten again.

Thank you Kurt for helping us enjoy this so much.

Most Kind Regards,




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