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Trending Electric Bike News

Posted on July 06, 2015 by Kurt Pearson | 0 Comments

Trending Electric Bike News | Cargo Bike King


The trending electric bike news is that they are no longer a fad, but a trend. Today E-bikes are more reliable and affordable than ever before. Of course there are a number of reasons people have stayed away from electric bikes, mainly because some see them as more a gimmick, rather than an alternative form of green transportation. But, E-Bikes and Electric Motor Kits have changed dramatically over the last couple of years, so here are five good reasons to give them a second look!

E-Bikes Have Become Lighter

Battery technology has changed considerably since electric bikes first came out, and the weight of battery packs was major drawback for many people. Within the next year batteries will come down in weight, price and carry three times the energy. Obviously, the addition of an electric motor can add between 6-18lbs., so it is natural to expect an electric bicycle would become heavier.

However, more than the motor it has been the battery that has shed half its weight, thus decreasing the overall weight of E-bikes by as much as 8-10 lbs. Certainly, an electric bike can be made to weight as little as 35 pounds, but it comes at a hefty price. A typical electric bike now weighs between 45-60 lbs. When you consider how little that is to lift, it becomes easy to appreciate the ease with which you could transport an electric bike.

Electric Bikes Are More Affordable

Understandably adding an electric motor kit adds to its price tag. However, now that more domestic companies have entered the electric bike market, there are more affordable models to choose from, and this in turn helps drive new and more affordable technology.

As with most types of technology there are levels of quality; budget, discount and high-end. Motors as such run between $150-750, but it is the battery packages that tend to drive up the price, and of course choosing to buy a purpose-built bike is a costly proposition.

A good choice is to purchase a motor and controller, and at least a 12Ah battery package. This forms the basis of a good mix of cheap price and functionality.

Fashionable Choices

Despite their acceptance, do-it-yourself electric bikes tend to look a bit unattractive with bulky batteries, cables and wires. Although the most affordable, do-it-yourself (DIY) bikes tend to be less attractive overall, and hiding the batteries and cables is the real hurdle. There are electric bike frames that can are designed to address this issue with some elegance.

Green Power

Electric vehicles are better for the environment, and even the lithium batteries are recyclable. There are all kinds of green ways to get electricity, and as a result, you can charge your bike for just a few pennies. Additionally, you can replace your car for many daily trips within a 2-4 mile radius, which constitute 50% of the average miles put on a vehicle. An electric bike is a healthy option that will lower your carbon footprint, and save you money.

Electric Bikes Come Every Size & Shape

Most any bike can be transformed into an Electric Bike, and this includes, tandems, recumbent bikes, road, hybrid, comfort, and mountain bikes. There are more reasons than ever before to invest in an electric bike. Whether you ride regularly or are simply looking to begin doing so, these unique bikes are a great way to cover more ground with less effort. The next time you want to enjoy a day out with the family, wouldn’t it be great if you could keep the car parked and just take your electric bikes instead?  


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