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40mph Electric Indian

On 02/10/2017, we completed our first Custom Electric Indian Canyon Flyer. I test drove the prototype on March 18th, and it performed every bit as good as I expected. At 35mph she hums along without a hiccup. I have decided to finish the first one in lacquer black with gold lettering and pin striping.The first one goes to Becky, whose friendly persuasion helped push this project along. The one seen here is a light weight electric bike frame, yet remains true to the original Indian motorcycle. With functional pedals, this electric bike is far more functional.

This electric version will be more elegant and functional with the addition of:

  • Leather saddle bags to match the leather seat
  • Stylish headlight
  • Range of over 60 Miles!
  • Rear fender
  • Polished exhaust pipes
  • Faux carburetor
  • Foot pegs
  • Top speed of 50mph
  • Polished motor housing, and anodized cylinder head fins
  • Harley front fork

Here is our next frame build, which includes a Harley front fork, and disk brakes front and rear.

The Indian Canyon Flyer can be customized to look exactly like any of Indian motorcycles we have listed below.


This custom electric bike sports pedals to qualify as a Class I, Class II, or a Class III electric bicycle. In reality it's a motorcycle posing as an electric bike, because it is capable of going 50 mph and over 60 miles on a charge!

 Indian Canyon Flyer


The faux cylinders each hold up to 10ah at 52v, and the newly widened tank will hold another 30ah. The fins of the cylinder heads will be anodized black, like the original Indian two stroke engine.

Note: This is not the final placement of the exhaust pipes, but a mock up. Ultimately they will be polished or blued. The spark plugs are actually battery leads that will go to the controller hidden in the tool box behind the seat post. 

The aluminum motor casing will be polished as well as sport an embossed cowling that will cover the chain going to the reduction gear. The Astro motor is capable of putting out  3,500 watts of continuous power, and nearly 9,000 watts of peak power; making this a truly awesome machine!

This is actually a motorcycle frame around which Pat has beautifully designed a housing for the DC motor, cylinders to house additional batteries, and a reduction gear going back to motorcycle rims and tires. The bike pictured here is a light weight version that will be modified to be more robust.

These bikes will offer customization at all levels of power, which will also include headlights, fenders, racks, pegs, kickstands, saddlebags, and saddles. Take a closer look at some of these classic bikes and imagine your own custom Electric Indian Chief.

The following images of Indian Motorcycles are included here to spark you imagination of how you might customize your own Indian Canyon Flyer

Note the salami cut on the exhaust pipe, and the red highlight!

 How elegant is leather sheathing on the cables?





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